New Hours of Operation: We will be Closed for Lunch until Spring. Doors Now Open at 3 PM Wednesday through Sunday. Come try our Happy Hour Drinks & Tapas Menu from 3 PM till 5 PM 

A New Twist On
Mediterranean Cuisine

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Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Sunday: 3 PM till 9 PM

Sunday Is All You Can Eat Mussels & Fries For $29 (per Person)

The Story

Lost Horn Mediterranean Grill is committed to paying homage to The Horn of Plenty/The Cornucopia. 

Our epic tasting menu spotlights the passion and wisdom of our mastermind chefs. 

We set our own high expectations to do our very best to create an incredible culinary experience for you, our customers.

Amalthea's Horn
When Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she put him in a cave, located at Mount Ida in the island of Crete. In this way, his father Cronus would be unable to find him and swallow him, which he had done with his previous children. There, it was the goat Amalthea (Amaltheia) that nourished Zeus with her milk until he was grown up. One day, as young Zeus played with Amalthea, he accidentally broke off her horn. To make up for it and as a sign of gratitude, Zeus blessed the broken horn, so that its owner would find everything they desired in it. It became known as the Horn of Amalthea or the Cornucopia, an eternal symbol of abundance.

Meet Peter

Peter Contos, Owner  

“From the time I was old enough to walk down the back steps to the restaurant, I would sit and watch my father create meals in an atmosphere of laughter and sharing,” he says. “I knew this time would ultimately be the beginning of my life in the restaurant industry.”  
Peter worked for his father until the age of 16 and gained his extensive hospitality and tourism knowledge working in restaurants in Jasper National Park in Alberta. By age 25, Peter had opened his first business, a pizza and pasta delivery business, based in Banff.  
Peter eventually put down roots in Vancouver, where he would open the doors to a full restaurant, the Ouzeri. Within the first year, the Ouzeri was on the lips of food critics across the Pacific Northwest, garnering favourable reviews from many, including James Barber of The Urban Peasant.  

Ouzeri won critics’ food awards and people’s choice in many publications like Northwest Best Places and the premier awards of Vancouver Magazine.  

After 10 strong years, Ouzeri was sold and Contos moved on to work for two award-winning restaurateurs, icons in the fine dining industry in Vancouver.  

“I consulted on a few restaurants before moving to Kelowna, the heart of the Okanagan, to further my education in the wine industry. It was here that I saw an incredible in West Kelowna which had a lack of Mediterranean cuisine or fast casual, modern restaurants.”  
Now, after two years of conceptualizing his new venture and finding the perfect location, Lost Horn Mediterranean Grill is set to open its doors. – Okanagan Life Magazine

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